25 Top Global Leaders

25 Top Global Leaders

In today's global marketplace, it's not easy to be the leader in a multi-billion dollar industry. It's important to have a strong corporate culture, dedication to continued innovation, world-class leadership, and to pay attention to both the big picture and the small details. It also takes some pretty deep pockets. The 25 companies profiled in this book are some of the most successful on the planet. Each company in this book leads its industry based on revenue. Along with a profile of each global leader comes an overview of its industry, providing interview-prep information that's instantly useful. 

Turn to this WetFeet Insider Guide to explore:

  • Insider advice on working at a global leader, including companies like General Electric, Intel, Microsoft, Time Warner, and more.
  • Key things to think about when choosing a company.
  • How to get noticed during your job search.
  • Why taking a job at a global leader is a smart career move.
  • How to network your way into a global leader.
  • Tips for having a successful career once you join a global leader.

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