Ace Your Case: Consulting Interviews

Ace Your Case: Consulting Interviews

The most dreaded part of the consulting interview: the case! Like it or not, if you’re hoping to get a job in management consulting, you will have to learn how to handle the case interview. Although different firms and interviewers vary in their approaches to the case question, all of them use it as an important tool in selecting and screening job candidates. Indeed, you may have to clobber as many as ten or more cases on the way to landing a job with a major consulting firm. Fortunately, by studying up on the case process and honing your case interview skills through practice, you’ll soon be able to impress interviewers with your explanations, frameworks, and graph-drawing skills. 

This best-selling WetFeet Insider Guide provides: 

  • An in-depth exploration of consulting interviews, what to expect, and how firms use cases differently 
  • Tips on surviving the case interview, keeping your cool, and impressing the interviewer 
  • An explanation of the different case types, classic examples of each, and what your interviewer is looking for in your answers 
  • Step-by-step lessons on how to attack the case question, from developing frameworks and recovering from mistakes to using industry lingo 
  • Seven sample case questions you can use to practice your new skills 
  • Detailed examples of how to answer each type of case question, including key talking points and sample interview scripts

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