Ace Your Case II: Mastering the Case Interview

Ace Your Case II: Mastering the Case Interview

The case interview is analytical, quantitative, creative, and challenging. In short, it’s just like real consulting work, which is why consulting recruiters use the case interview as a primary means of evaluating interviewees. This follow-up to WetFeet’s popular Ace Your Case guide provides 15 more case questions that you can use to practice and sharpen your casecracking skills. With more detailed explanations of the different case types and recommended answers to help you assess your progress, this guide will get you one step closer to a job offer. 

 This WetFeet Insider Guide provides: 

  • The step-by-step WetFeet way of cracking any case question 
  • 15 practice case questions that will challenge you more than those in Ace Your Case 
  • Further explanations and examples of the three main case types 
  • A glimpse into what a case interviewer may be thinking when asking certain questions 
  • Detailed examples of good and bad answers for each practice question 
  • Insight into how the interview process differs for MBAs and advanced-degree candidates

PDF / 2011


Hard copy / 2011

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