Ace Your Case IV: Business Strategy Questions

Ace Your Case IV: Business Strategy Questions

For most consultants, business strategy is the fun stuff: It’s where you really get to show off your creativity along with your business savvy. But during the case interview, business strategy questions can also be the most challenging—make a bad recommendation and you could run a company into the ground. With stakes this high, you’d better start practicing. With the help of this guide, you’ll be impressing interviewers with your elegant blend of creative and practical solutions in no time. 

This WetFeet Insider Guide offers: 

  • The step-by-step WetFeet way of cracking any case question 
  • 14 sample business strategy questions that represent many of the scenarios you’ll face, from new products to market changes 
  • Detailed examples of good and bad answers, with explanations of why some responses are stronger than others 
  • Suggested frameworks for handling the various types of business strategy questions, from matrices to Porter’s five forces 
  • Insider tips you won’t want to approach the interview without 
  • Running commentary on the interview, so you can see what the candidate is doing right—and wrong

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Hard copy / 2011

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