Ace Your Interview: Consulting

Ace Your Interview: Consulting

One thing stands between you and a consulting career: the interview. But the consulting interview is not your run-of-the mill interview. It has the reputation for being a rigorous assessment that only the best and brightest will pass. Beyond the standard interview fare, intended to gauge your personality and potential fit within the firm, consulting recruiters are sure to throw you some case questions to test your analytical skills and business intuition. This Insider Guide will help you show recruiters that you’re the highly motivated, resourceful, and poised candidate they seek. 

Turn to this WetFeet insider guide to explore: 

  • What you need to know about yourself, the position, and the organization to excel in your interview 
  • The skills recruiters look for in a consultant and why each one is important 
  • The fundamentals of interview success, including how to dress and how to build rapport 
  • The types of questions that make up the consulting interview 
  • The role of the case question, with an explanation of the various types and the tools you need to answer one 
  • Strategies for following up with hiring managers and building on your first impression

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