Brand Thyself!

Brand Thyself!

How to Use Social Media to Build a Strong Personal Brand & Rise Above the Competition

The job market is as crowded as the supermarket shelves. With an overwhelming number of options for employers to choose from, it’s easy to be overlooked. But a strong personal brand can help you rise above the cookie-cutter competition. By consistently emphasizing the value you offer an employer and what defines you as a person and professional—your unique strengths, skills, and interests—you can build a brand that resonates with recruiters. In this Insider Guide, we’ll help you discover, define, and promote your personal brand. And since so much networking, job hunting, and socializing takes place online, we’ll pay special attention to using social media, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and blogs, to shape your brand. 

Turn to this WetFeet Insider Guide to explore: 

  • How to define your brand and draft a brand manifesto 
  • How to get rid of your digital dirt 
  • What you should—and shouldn’t—be tweeting 
  • How to lure recruiters on LinkedIn 
  • The basics of building a personal website 
  • What makes a strong 15-second elevator pitch 
  • Books, blogs, and online resources that will keep you up-to-date on personal branding

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