Careers in Accounting

Careers in Accounting

A solitary bean counter hunched over a ledger, going over the books late into the night… If this is what you picture when you think of a career in accounting, you’re not alone. “Exciting,” “fast-paced,” and “ever-changing” are not phrases that leap to mind when most people think about accounting. But in the past ten years, the industry has undergone several massive upheavals against a backdrop of constant consolidation and corporate scandal. Quite frankly, it can be exciting. Plus, there’s never a bad time to be looking for an entry-level job in accounting. Clients need accountants whether business is up or down, and accounting firms always need sharp, reliable people to do the work. 

Turn to this WetFeet Insider Guide to explore: 

  • How industry scandals have affected the big four accounting firms and their employees 
  • Alternatives to the big four for those seeking a mid-sized firm 
  • A typical day in the life of a staff audit accountant, senior audit accountant, and staff tax accountant 
  • Descriptions of career paths for accounting professionals currently working in the industry 
  • The lifestyle, hours, and compensation you can expect from an accounting career 
  • What industry professionals like and dislike about the work 
  • Who’s likely to succeed and how to impress your interviewers

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