Careers in Advertising and Public Relations

Careers in Advertising and Public Relations

Maybe you’re a struggling writer or artist who’s tired of living on ramen and happy-hour buffets, and you’ve come to the conclusion that a cell phone and a steady paycheck don’t necessarily make a person a sellout. Maybe you’re an English major whose friends are receiving job offers from consulting firms and banks, and you’re wondering what the business world has to offer you. Maybe you’re a banker, but frustrated because your job doesn’t encourage your creativity or make the most of your interest in popular culture and media. Then you turn on the television or pick up a newspaper or magazine, and suddenly it hits you: Why not pursue a career in advertising or PR? 

Turn to this WetFeet Insider Guide to explore: 

  • How to select the agencies to which you should apply 
  • The forces and trends— from TiVo to Twitter—that are shaping these industries 
  • How ad and PR campaigns are conceived and developed 
  • The top ad and PR agencies: your potential employers 
  • What real people working in these fields like—and dislike—about their jobs 
  • How much you’re likely to earn, the hours you’ll be expected to put in, and the typical office culture 
  • What to expect from—and how to shine in—your interviews How to talk like an industry pro

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