Careers in Consumer Products

Careers in Consumer Products

Toothpaste, cereal, shoes, soap… From the time we wake up every morning to the time we go to sleep each night, most of us use a variety of consumer products throughout the day—they’re an essential and inescapable part of our lives, and it’s hard to imagine a world without them. But it’s not hard to imagine that many professionals make their living in this industry, in fields from brand management and marketing to finance, human resources, IT, and logistics. If you yearn to make your mark in this industry, you’ve come to the right place.

Turn to this WetFeet Insider Guide to learn:

  • The latest trends in consumer products and what they mean to those pursuing careers in the industry.
  • Where to find the best opportunities, with profiles of the leading consumer products companies.
  • Key jobs, from marketing analyst and assistant brand manager to research scientist and process engineer to finance manager and supply chain analyst.
  • Profiles of real people working in consumer products today.
  • The lifestyle, hours, and compensation you can expect from a career in consumer products.
  • What professionals like and dislike about the industry.
  • What to expect from the recruiting process and how to impress your interviewers.

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