Careers in Real Estate

Careers in Real Estate

At the end of the last decade, the crash of the real estate market heralded the coming of the global economic crisis, and the industry hit never-before-seen lows. As the market recovers, job opportunities are emerging once again, and the industry still requires people who think big, act quickly, and aren’t afraid to take a few risks. Moguls like Sam Zell and Donald Trump, who have made fantastic fortunes on real estate gambles, are still among the most admired in the profession. Even for nonbillionaires, the thrill of deal making, the promise of financial success, and the potential to have a lasting impact on cities and communities make real estate a rewarding profession. 

Turn to this WetFeet Insider Guide to explore: 

  • The size and scope of the residential and commercial real estate markets 
  • The impact of the global economic crisis on the real estate industry 
  • Acquisitions, development, management, and other career tracks 
  • Typical jobs, salaries and career paths for real estate professionals, including loan officer, reit manager, and site acquisition specialist 
  • Profiles of real people on the job 
  • A typical day in the life of a real estate agent, real estate broker, and director of asset management How real estate commissions are calculated 
  • What those currently working in real estate love—and hate—about their work 
  • Going green to protect the environment

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