Careers in Sales

Careers in Sales

Sales is where the rubber meets the road for any company that produces a good or a service. Without a highly skilled and motivated sales staff, businesses of all kinds would be writing their obituaries. Sales is a very competitive field that offers good communicators, self-starters, and product experts the opportunity to earn high incomes. But the pressure to produce, especially in a field where compensation is performance-based, can mean quick turnover and job instability. If you thrive under pressure, enjoy forging new working relationships daily, and can roll with the punches, a career in the vast field of sales could offer you opportunities across all industries.

Turn to this WetFeet Insider Guide to explore:

  • How the field of sales has evolved over the last few decades.
  • Current trends affecting those working in sales today.
  • Profiles of six industries offering the most opportunities to sales professionals: pharmaceuticals and biotech, technology, financial services, insurance, manufacturing and consumer products, and real estate.
  • The kinds of jobs available, from agent and broker, to asset manager and account executive, to manufacturer rep and sales rep.
  • Real People Profiles of sales professionals working in the field today.  
  • The work culture, job stress, hours, compensation, and benefits common for those in the profession.  
  • What insiders love—and hate—about their work. • What recruiters look for when hiring for sales roles.
  • How to prepare for your interviews.

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