Careers in Supply Chain Management

Careers in Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management plays a crucial, if somewhat unheralded, role in commerce. Supply chain managers keep the goods moving from vendors to manufacturers to retailers and into the hands of end users. This cross-functional role requires specialized training and long-term commitment, and supply chain managers are typically well compensated for their trouble. As technology advances, companies are looking to increase their investments in supply chain management, forming a bright hiring picture for entry-level and experienced candidates with the right skill sets.

Turn to this WetFeet Insider Guide to learn:

  • The skills and education you'll need to get started in the field.
  • The industry lingo you'll need to sound like an experienced pro in your interviews.  
  • Profiles, key numbers, and recent milestones for top manufacturing, retail, and logistics and transportation companies that rely on supply chain management to succeed.
  • Recent trends in supply chain management and what they mean for job seekers.  
  • The lifestyle, salary, and perks you can expect as you move up the career ladder.  
  • Typical job descriptions and career paths to help you target your search.
  • Where to turn for even more information on supply chain management.

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