Careers with a Conscience

Careers with a Conscience

Make your job count. Careers with a Conscience is the ultimate guide for finding jobs that involve corporate social responsibility—CSR. Whether it’s a new kind of attention to the environment, human rights, working conditions, fiscal responsibility, or corporate transparency, a lot of companies are looking beyond the bottom line. From entrepreneurial startups to Fortune 1000 giants, opportunities for those that want to make a positive impact in their career are popping up everywhere. This Insider Guide will give you the lowdown on what kinds of positions are out there—and where to find them. 

Turn to this WetFeet Insider Guide to explore: 

  • Where the CSR jobs are and how to find them 
  • Why corporate social responsibility is a hot-button issue 
  • What it means for companies to be socially responsible—and how to see through corporate spin 
  • The field of SRI: socially responsible investing 
  • Where advanced degrees are helpful and the top schools focused on CSR 
  • The jobs that best fit your education and skill set What some leading companies are doing to “give back” 
  • Insights from the insiders: how real people have forged careers in CSR

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