Green Careers

Green Careers

You can get a job—or you can get a job that changes the world. Green Careers is the ultimate guide for job seekers hoping to enter the green sector of the economy: the rapidly growing area at the nexus of business and sustainability. Green jobs are popping up in virtually all industries and all types of organizations, from nonprofits to startups to government agencies to Fortune 1000 companies. Green Careers delivers the lowdown on how the concept of “green” is reshaping the business world—and creating a wealth of job opportunities.

In Green Careers you'll find out

  • Where the jobs are in the green sector.
  • Why the green economy is poised for rapid, recession-proof growth.
  • What it means for companies to go green—and how to tell if they’re on the level.
  • Whether you need an MBA—and the best “green” business schools.
  • Today's hottest "green" areas: clean tech, socially responsible investing, green building.
  • The jobs that best fit your education.
  • Insights from the insiders: How real people have forged green careers.



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