Industries and Careers for Engineers

Industries and Careers for Engineers

Professional societies recognize more than 25 engineering specialties, with new ones springing up along with advances in science and technology. And while most engineers refer to themselves by their degree or professional specialty, such as “mechanical engineer” or “civil engineer,” crossover work is becoming increasingly common. Whether you choose a technical career path or you opt to apply your expertise in a less conventional area, the future looks bright. The WetFeet career experts have done a slew of research and interviewed recruiters and other staff insiders across a broad range of industries to help you find your niche. This Insider Guide is the perfect place to start your engineering career search.

Turn to this Insider Guide to learn:

  • The major industries offering opportunities for engineers—aerospace, biotech, energy, telecom, and more.
  • The trends affecting the various industries and the key players that are hiring.
  • The top career choices, along with job descriptions and salary ranges.
  • What industry insiders have to say.  
  • How to apply your training and experience to areas that barely existed when you began pursuing your engineering degree.
  • Top career choices—including operations, medicine, and web development—for those with engineering degrees, along with job descriptions and salary ranges.

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