Industries and Careers for MBAs

Industries and Careers for MBAs

Ready to find out where you can maximize the return on your B-school investment? WetFeet’s career experts take the pain out of the process by doing in-depth research and analysis of the top industries and careers, making your job search both pleasant and productive. This Insider Guide profiles a host of industries that hire new MBAs, giving you the inside scoop on top companies, cultures, and career paths. So whether you know exactly what you want to do with that precious new degree or you’re still sorting through your options, this guide is the place to start your search!

Turn to this WetFeet Insider Guide to learn:

  • The latest on 19 industries—including biotech, consulting, investment banking, real estate, and venture capital—that recruit recent MBAs.
  • About key jobs in each industry, current salary ranges, and job prospects.
  • About common career tracks and the job outlook for each profiled career.
  • About career functions—including asset management, business development, corporate finance, marketing, and supply chain management—that span industries and draw on newly minted MBAs.
  • What you need to land a job in the field that interests you most.

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