Networking Works!

Networking Works!

Most vacancies are filled before the job description is posted. How do people know about these unannounced openings? In a word, networking! But don’t worry: Networking isn’t as mysterious as it seems. In fact, most of us engage in personal or social networking every day. Ever ask a friend to recommend a doctor or an auto mechanic, or chat with pals on Facebook or MySpace? That’s networking. In Networking Works!, WetFeet’s career experts will show you how to network effectively for professional development, even if you’re starting from scratch, so when that perfect job opportunity comes along, you’ll be way ahead of the pack.

Turn to this WetFeet Insider Guide to learn:

  • How to tap your existing network and expand it even further.
  • How to overcome obstacles to successful networking, such as shyness and lack of work experience.
  • About online and community networking resources.
  • How to invite someone to lunch when you’re familiar only through a mutual acquaintance.
  • Tips for mastering the informational interview.
  • How to keep your contacts active, so they’ll think of you first when they hear of that perfect job opening.

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