The International MBA Student's Guide to the U.S. Job Search

The International MBA Student's Guide to the U.S. Job Search

You’re in for an exciting ride: If you’re a non-U.S. citizen who’s just been accepted to or recently enrolled in a U.S. business school, you’re holding the right guide in your hands. Many international MBA candidates offer in-demand qualities to potential employers, but they face particularly tough challenges both in getting through business school and in securing the jobs they want after graduation. With these hurdles in mind, WetFeet has assembled critical information, advice, and feedback from employers and alumni to help international MBAs make the most of their business school experience and succeed at finding a rewarding job in the U.S. upon graduation.

Turn to this WetFeet Insider Guide to learn:

  • What's expected of you as an international MBA student.
  • How to overcome the challenges of getting a job in the U.S.
  • About the various kinds of visas available and how to get the one you need without a hassle.
  • How to convert your CV into a U.S. resume.
  • About job searching and interviewing in the U.S. employment market.
  • Techniques to evaluate and negotiate the best possible job offer.
  • How to handle the subject of visa sponsorship with grace.

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